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Make your music releases effortless with free distribution, artwork, beats, access to award-winning audio engineers, videographers, photographers and more.


Our community is welcoming, kind, and driven. When you succeed, everyone on HRDRV succeeds. You’ll find all of the support you’ve been looking for right here.


Everyone on our team has been in the music business for 15+ years. Whether you’re a pro musician or just getting started, we’re here to help you excel.

The first community-based record label.

Thousands of artists, songwriters, and producers are creating and releasing music on HRDRV.

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“HRDRV exists so that musicians can access everything they need to succeed in one place, while also maintaining complete ownership of their music and freedom in their creative process. Together we have created an entirely new music industry.”

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Finally, a record label that cares about creators as people - not products. At HRDRV, we work together to support each other and grow your business.

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