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Frequently Asked Questions

HRDRV is the world’s most artist-friendly record label! We are completely non-exclusive and membership-based. We provide creative services, distribution administration and a platform to connect with thousands of other artists, producers, and songwriters.

As a member you instantly gain access to cover artwork, visualizers, instrumentals, songwriting, mixing/mastering, exclusive events, logo design, mentorship, distribution administration to major streaming platforms and more.

We are not a PR, booking, publishing or management company. We promote your music through our own channels as much as we can, but our primary focus is to help make your music shine aesthetically and sonically. By using our platform, we aim to bring you more revenue, exposure and career opportunities.

That’s a great question, because we do almost everything! But there are a few things we do not currently offer:

WE ARE NOT A PR COMPANY. This means you still have to promote your music yourself. We do promote our members’ music on our social channels, however our main focus is building our own community and providing the best creative services to make sure your music shines in the marketplace. We also have marketing services available, which do require a small budget.

WE ARE NOT A BOOKING AGENCY. This means we do not book shows or tours for you. We do however present you with opportunities to perform at HRDRV sponsored events, parties, and tours.

WE ARE NOT A MANAGEMENT COMPANY. This means we do not represent you in any way, shape, or form. You must seek management elsewhere. You are never obligated to share your goals with us; however, we’d love to love to hear about them and help you get to where you want to be! That’s why we’re here.

WE ARE NOT A PUBLISHER. This means you must sign up with a P.R.O. like BMI or ASCAP to collect your publishing (composition) royalties. We do not personally collect ANY streaming royalties or publishing royalties on your behalf. Collection of your music royalties and payouts happen through multiple third-party distributors and organizations. We can tell you what you need! We also have free seminars on Music Publishing if you need more information or a refresher.

You can join HRDRV on a Silver ($39/mo), Gold ($59/mo) or Platinum ($199/mo) plan. Whichever tier you choose should be based on how frequently you release music or plan to use our platform. We believe all of our members can do anything they put their minds to... thus, our plans are flexible and include everything HRDRV has to offer.

Great news - there's absolutely no catch! Our members own 100% of their publishing, and HRDRV only takes 5% of streaming royalties (master) on uploads we do for you. You are only required to distribute your music through HRDRV if you use tracks from our Music Library. Otherwise, you can use whichever music distributor you like, on your own, any time!

We are completely non-exclusive... meaning you can partner with any other companies, labels or distributors while still working with us. You are only required to release your music through HRDRV if you downloaded/purchased the instrumental, song, or hook for your release from our Music Library. If you did not use a track from our Music Library, you are still welcome to release through us – but it is not required.

Not at all! But you're welcome to if you'd like to.

We use for our distribution administration to all major streaming platforms and +150 beta platforms.

Nope! You can create your own artwork and visualizers, and still use our distribution administration.

We'd hate to see you go! But cancelling is easy. Just visit your Settings and click “Cancel Membership”

After cancellation, you will be unable to re-join HRDRV for at least 3 months. This policy is to ensure that people do not come in and out just for discounted services. If there's anything we can do to better assist you, please let us know. If you've already released music with us, it will NOT be deleted from stores (unless you ask us to).

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds on subscriptions. We are always happy to provide services until the end of your final billing cycle.

Nope! If you've released music with us, your music will NOT be deleted from stores if you decide to cancel. However, you can ask us to delete your music any time.

We have branding services (message development, logo design, etc.), but those are additional purchases. Anything additional is always majorly discounted for our members. As for development of the music, it just depends what you need! Platinum members receive 2 free consultations per month with A&Rs of their choice.

We are constantly adding new services and features. Everything from Vocal Coaching to Roku and Amazon Fire TV video distribution, a Song Library to sell your songs, plus every creative service you'd ever need as an artist, songwriter, or producer. If there’s something we’re missing that you need, just let us know!

The instrumentals in our Music Library are non-exclusive - meaning other artists can download and use the same ones. If you would like to buy a track exclusively, you may do that. The track will be removed from the library and all other online stores. You will still owe the producer 50% publishing and 50% streaming royalties, even if purchased exclusively (unless otherwise agreed upon with them). You are required to release any music containing tracks from our library with HRDRV. We receive 5% streaming royalties (master). We take no publishing.

It is up to our producers if they want to send track stems out, and they are also allowed to charge. You can click on their profile to see their contact information if you have further questions.

If the instrumental is not already in our Music Library, then NO, you do not need to release it through HRDRV. If the producer sent you an instrumental that IS in our Music Library, then yes, you would need to upload it through us.

You can submit songs and hooks to sell in our Music Library by clicking “Music Library” > “Songs & Hooks” > “Submit Songs”

We will review your song submission(s) and let you know if accepted or declined. HRDRV sets the song’s selling price for you, based on song length and content (usually anywhere from $100 to $1,500). HRDRV receives 15% of each sale and the remainder is split between you and any collaborators you may have.

You will always receive publishing royalties (and master royalties if applicable) on any songs sold via our Music Library. HRDRV must distribute any song(s) purchased from our Music Library. HRDRV retains 5% streaming royalties (master). We do not take any publishing.

No. Our agreement is completely non-exclusive. You can use any of our services individually at any time and you are not required to release through our label. You are only required to release through HRDRV if you have used instrumentals from our Music Library. Current benefits of releasing with HRDRV are consideration for TV/Film sync pitches, internal playlisting opportunities, convenient add-ons (like Lyric Transcription & Smart Link creation), and some artists just like the association!

We only need to approve artwork and mixes on the music we upload and distribute for you. Approval is done automatically when you submit to upload your songs with us. If you are releasing music on your own, we do not need to approve anything. You are NEVER permitted to list “HRDRV” as the label name on any releases you upload directly to a distributor yourself.

If you are already signed up and logged in, you can upload your music any time by clicking "Distribute Music” at the top of the navigation bar.

The only way to have “HRDRV” listed as your label in music stores is to release through us. You are NEVER permitted to list “HRDRV” as the label name on any releases you upload somewhere on your own. When you upload with HRDRV, you will also notice convenient add-on services to save you time. Such as: Spotify Editorial Pitching, Lyric Transcription, Synced Lyrics, Smart-link creation and more. We also shop songs from our catalog for TV/Film sync if applicable to any briefs we receive from our sync partners (Acme Music, ProSound Media, Network supervisors, etc.)

A pre-save link is primarily for Spotify. When a fan pre-saves your song or album, they automatically follow you on Spotify and will be notified about your release. Pre-order links are for Apple Music and other streaming platforms - so people can pre-purchase your release. It will pop up in their music library on release day.

Most services, such as cover artwork, visualizers, and mixing/mastering generally take 10 business days or less. We upload your songs for distribution within 2 days of your request. You can pay a small fee to expedite most services.

A visualizer is a short clip with your cover art and release date or "coming soon" text on it. We do basic lyric videos too! Each service is listed in your navigation bar.

Yes, absolutely! You can use our services independently of one another. You are only required to release songs through HRDRV if you use instrumentals from our Music Library.

You can read the long version here. However, we like to keep things simple and fair around here. First of all, we work non-exclusively with our members. Meaning, you’re never tied into anything you don’t want to be a part of. You can cancel your membership any time, and/or request us to delete any music we’ve uploaded on your behalf – any time.

Our biggest “requirements” revolve around music releases that contain tracks from our Music Library. We do require you to release your music through HRDRV if you’ve downloaded/purchased the instrumental, song, hook, or sample(s) from our Music Library. We just take 5% streaming royalties (most “labels” take 100% by the way). We also don’t take any publishing, except if otherwise noted in specific circumstances.

All of our service providers are independent contractors (graphic artists, engineers, videographers, photographers, vocal coaches, studios, and more). HRDRV is not responsible for refunds, misuse of services by either party, personal injuries, damage to personal belongings or equipment, additional payments sent to a provider, etc. Basically, anything you could think to try and blame HRDRV for – you can’t. Because well, you ordered a service at your own risk. All that being said, we highly vet our service providers to make sure they are not only an expert in their field, but able to provide top-quality services and customer support in a timely manner. That is what makes HRDRV different - we don’t just let anyone join the team. If you have any issues with a service provider, please email with your complaint and we will do our absolute best to bring forth a resolution.

We get it. Sometimes a service just isn’t what you were looking for. It’s rare for us, but it can happen! We always provide 1 free revision session no matter what the service is. The best way to combat this issue is to provide us or your service provider with as much detail about your project and as many references/examples as possible. We do not offer refunds, but we will do our very best to work until you are completely satisfied.

Unfortunately, HRDRV has a serious NO REFUND POLICY. This is because our service providers take time and care to deliver your service - and time is money my friend. However, we will always do our very best to work until you are completely satisfied. Just let us know how we can fix it.

This also means, if you would like to cancel your HRDRV membership and you accidentally let your subscription renew, that is not on us. If you have forgotten about your subscription, that is not on us. We encourage our members to be responsible with their finances. It is clearly stated in our terms that we do not offer refunds. These are terms that everyone agrees to when they use our site.

We are always happy to provide services until the end of your final billing cycle.

We're not trying to be difficult! Our hope is that you get to utilize the extreme value we provide our community, and that you take full advantage of it. We are flexible on revisions and always do our very best to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your services.

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