Community Guidelines

Last Updated: July 26, 2022

Our users are diverse and come from all around the world. We feel it’s important to have some rules and guidelines in place to ensure that everyone has a positive, respectful, and welcoming experience at HRDRV. We may take a number of steps, including sending a warning, removing content, or blocking accounts responsible for violating any of our guidelines.

“Users” herein refers to anyone and everyone that participates in or interacts directly with the HRDRV community, including but not limited to: our team members, our creatives, and our service providers.


Respect is a primary value at HRDRV and will allow us to continue building a great community worldwide.

  • Never threaten or intimidate other users. Be kind and respectful.
  • Never harass, bully or spam other users.
  • Never ask for nudes or other sexual content and never share nudes or other sexual content.
  • Never share content that is sexist, racist, homophobic, or discriminatory in any way.


Transparency is at the forefront of our values at HRDRV. We always want our team members, creatives, and service providers to operate in an honest, genuine, and open way.

  • Users should practice thoughtful and constructive criticism when asked their opinion (tough love is the only way to truly grow!)
  • Users can always access our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Community Guidelines and should review them as often as they deem necessary.
  • Users can always contact HRDRV to learn more about HRDRV products, operations, teams, service providers, terms, etc. HRDRV cannot and will not share proprietary or private information, but we will always share or clarify what is public knowledge.

Your Identity

  • All HRDRV users must be 13 years of age or older.
  • Don’t use a false birth date upon sign up.
  • Never impersonate or pretend to be someone else (having different stage names or aliases is OK, as long as they are your own creation).
  • Accounts can only belong to one person or entity. Sharing HRDRV accounts is a violation of our Terms of Service.


We believe the following guidelines help to achieve and promote a safer and more friendly experience at HRDRV. “Content” herein may refer to your songs, albums, messages, emails, posts, photos, vidoes, or other forms of digital and print material you share on HRDRV or with HRDRV users outside of HRDRV.

  • You should not show content that is pornographic, sexually explicit or involves sexual violence or assault on your profile or in community chats.
  • Do not show content that is gory or has graphic injuries.
  • Do not share content that promotes violence such as violent acts, guns, knives, or other weapons.
  • Users should always feel free to express themselves comfortably, authentically, and as they see fit, but it is never OK to be fully or partially nude on HRDRV (virtually or in-person).
  • Do not use or promote hard drugs, drug accessories or equipment on HRDRV or at HRDRV events (virtually or in-person).

Advertisement and Scams

HRDRV is a marketplace, however we do not allow any advertisement of scams or malicious conduct, including but not limited to:

  • Items or services for sale that are not personally created and provided by you.
  • Selling HRDRV accounts.
  • Asking others to send you money (for anything other than HRDRV service related items).
  • Coupon codes, sales links or referral links.
  • Phishing, sending malicious links, malware or viruses.
  • Deceiving others such as pretending to be in distress or danger.
  • Advertising your Paypal, Cashapp or other payment service links or QR codes. Users must use HRDRV’s Payout system (through Stripe) for all transactions on HRDRV or related to HRDRV users.

Self-injury and Suicide

It’s important at HRDRV to promote safety and wellness, which is why it’s not OK to show content that promotes eating disorders and other forms of self-injury such as cutting, overdosing, suicide, etc.

Sexual Exploitation of Minors

Sexual content involving minors is illegal. You should never share, save, screenshot or send nude or sexual content to anyone who is under 18 years old (on HRDRV or elsewhere). Even if the content involves yourself. You also should not ask minors to send sexual content to you. Any child sexual exploitation will be reported directly to the police.

Keep It Lawful

Don’t use HRDRV for any illegal activities, including but not limited to the following:

  • Selling illegal goods or services.
  • Promoting or advertising sexual services.
  • Trying to access other users’ accounts.
  • Attempting to damage or interfere with HRDRV’s services or operations.
  • Making hateful content or promoting violence or organized crime of any kind, including terrorism.
  • Sharing of copyrighted content, such as TV shows, movies, music or sporting events.

Ban Evasion

Attempting to get around or bypass suspensions, bans, or locked accounts by any means is not allowed. Any attempt may result in further suspensions of increased durations, or even a permanent ban from HRDRV (and associated HRDRV companies, events, operations).


We take any broken rules very seriously. The actions we will take against content and behavior that breaks our guidelines will depend on the rules broken and the severity. We will carefully look into each case to determine the action required.

Report Users

You can and should report any users that don’t respect our Community Guidelines. Our team will conduct a thorough investigation into the report. Please email to report users that have broken guidelines or you believe have participated in any misconduct.